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ive heard its ok to go 15,000miles with synthetic oil
ive had my car at the dealer with the idiot lite came on saying limitied performance yellow then red i was told what that does is cut back the power so you can get the car to the closest dealer in all 4 time i have driven the car anywhere btw 100 n 200 miles whith do problem my wife had it do it last week and she drove it less the 15 mile she had it towed to a dealer in orlando we have never gone to i wanted to have it towed to jacksonville where we bought it but jag policy is closest dealer she left the car and got a rental 2 days latter the dealer called in the morning and said they would have to put a new motor in the car because of little oil in engine i we went past the sceduled oil change the car was serviced at 25000 miles she never had a oil light come on the car has 39000 miles i was told oil change with synthetic oil was good for anywhere btw 10000 n 15000 miles but my argument is the oil light never came on
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