2003 Jaguar XKR Questions

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small front impact turns over but don"t start
Forward alert can not be turned off so runs down battery.
Car is in greast shape but transmission is shifting very rough. after it warms up the transmission smooths out. Dealer took it to have the transmission computer reset. I'm just concerned this car may have a bad transmission. Any advise is appreciated.
My car has 14K miles but is out of warranty because of age. The engine surges at 30 to 40 mph when cold for the first 5 miles. The dealer says I need a new torque converter for $3,000. This was a problem on the early 2003s. Some say to change to thinner transmission fluid. Other people say to take action against Jaguar on a car that cost over $90K with less than 15,000 miles. The dealer sys to just drive it and ignore it. If I could find a new torque converter for $500, I would change it myself. Ern
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