2000 Jaguar XKR Questions

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While driving over 60 I lose all power to the rear wheels. If I slow down to 35 or 40 the power returns. Several caution lights have been coming on including the one that disables the car as well as the antilock brakes, traction control and engine light. - but go off when turned off and restarted. The total loss of power only occurs at speed as in interstate driving.
everytime I turn around he keeps coming up with something else that needs repair. He said he had to replace the fuel pump and then he tells me the jag has two fuel pumps is this true? does the jag xkr have two fuel pumps?
dont know if where or when to top up transmission
I found one with one hundred and sîx thousand miles. It runs in it sounds really good. it's been well taken care absolutely beautiful. She wants $11,000 . is it wort is it worth it ? thae interior is beautiful the carfax sounds really good never been in an accident . Is it worth 11000 thousand.
please tell me what you think. Thank you very much
I drove the car about 60 miles without any problems . I stopped at a place for about six hours and when I went to leave the car would not start. It would just crank and crank and crank.
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