2004 Jaguar XK8 Questions

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no sound at present, but the wheels moves up and down while on the lift.
the amber engine lite stays on, and the restricted performance flashes on than goes away, but keeps doing that.
the window lets down a little when you open door after you get out and close door the window will not come back up
The part where the cup holder are located is very damage and need to be cover with some wooden part like the same on the dashboard. I search all over the internet for this wood cover.
Someone knows where to to buy any of this wooden parts ???
oil light went oil in system...leaked out through bad hoses
What type of maintenance is required? Change fluids, filter? I don't want to pay for a new trans if I really just need regualar maintenance.
I had the reservoir replaced that you pour the coolant in about 6 weeks ago, not by the dealer. One year ago I had the hose replaced by the dealer. Engine coolant light went on last week - talked with repair guy he was going out of town for 2 weeks. Added water and was going to take it to him when he got back. A few days later after I got home - the coolant just poured out from underneath the car. I haven't moved it since.
when the key is turned to 2nd position and when engine is running.
driver side window no longer raises and lowers automatically on convertible. the battery was out for the winter and i have tried the relearn procedure
passenger seat headrest makes noise but wont move
Where do I check / add brake fluid? I don't see anything under the hood that matches the picture in the owner's manual. Driver's side or passenger's side? Front of the engine compartment or towards the rear?
2004 jaguar xk8 check break keeps flashing and nothing seems to be wrong and the cruise control keeps shuting off
When I turn on the a/c, the air on drivers side comes out cool but the air on passenger is warm! any clues?
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