2001 Jaguar XK8 Questions

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would like to know the estimated time it takes to install a convertible hydraulic pump
i would like to know how time it takes to replace the two hydraulic convertible latch lines
would like to know how much time it takes to replace the convertible latch hydraulic lines
How do you get it to recline or sit straight up. Motor is working for all other movements.
Started after I hooked up battery after sitting for 6 mos in storage. Ran a 1/2 hr. Went to start again , cranked but no start? Gas in tank! 1st time this happened since buying car.? no fuses blown! possible fuel pump? Location of pumps. No pressure on fuel rail fitting.
I just want to know if the XK8 is getting more expensive and if so tell me why thank you so much
reservoir for hydraulic fluid is only about half full. How do I replenish/replace the fluid? ( Believe this failure doesn't make the latch connection drive the rear windows back up.)
most options wont work . but all fuses good and runs great
i tried to put my top down; the rear windows went down, but the motor seemed sluggish and i didn't want to force things, so i stopped. i don't trust dealers. who in sandiego/santee area could i go to to get it fixed? i fear it is the fluid....again. i had it replaced in 06,
thank you, meredith holmes
this occurs on front tires only
The car starts stalls and then shuts off. The rpm doesn't go pass 1
Repairman says Low compression (50) blown cylinder valve.$3500 to fix. Any other suggestions? Car still runs ok once it gfets going but idles very low and rough.
I have the front wheels taken down to the HUB. I have the Hub Nut Socket (specialty item). The problem is that the nut will not budge I have used a 4 foot breaker bar as well as heat and penetrating oil still no luck. I'm trying to replace the front wheel bearings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
How do I remove the Nut on the back (inside) portion of the hub it looks like a gear.
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