1997 Jaguar XK8 Questions

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starts fine but cant shift out of park,brake lights work.have checked fueses
My door on passenger side is,in a lock position and will not unlock not open. I can't lock the driver door now either. The key remote lock does not work either. Need help with this. Tried of climbing out window.
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The car made a noise of clicking when I tried to start, the lights came on and the radio played so battery is not dead?
I disconnected my dead battery in order to take it to battery shop for replacement while waiting for ride to take me to dealer. I had closed my trunk in the meantime, but now can not get in the trunk - my remote and trunk release in vehicle do not work with battery disconnected. Obviously, there should be a manual way to get into the trunk to replace the dead battery
Problem occured just once
Prpblem occured just once
switch adjacent to brake peddle which turns brake lights on/off - I believe it is a plunger type switch which is simply out of alignment.
Have voltage but it won't crank and the starter loks almost impossible to get to.How do I track down this problem. The car was fine when stored it for the winter.Any help appreciated.Thanks
Put my roof down today but now wont go back up. Back windows wont go up and every time I try to press the button it just chimes. I have not found any leaks and this is the first time it has happened to me. Must admit I have not used the car for a while so it has been just sitting there. I need some advice because as it is so late and I really don't wont to leave the roof of all night. HELP please.
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