1995 Jaguar XJS Questions

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new mechanic tells me there are four shocks in the rear of this car ???
Car has been in my garage unused for 2 years.
When I try to put it down there is a fairly loud click from where the relays are in the trunk. When i push the button the other way, there is a slight click but much softer and it seems to come from same spot. Quarter windows work fine.
The problem is all the time I cannot get constant voltage only switched voltage.
It's almost a guess when shifting from park to drive, neutral, reverse, etc. How do I adjust this?
Engine was running when I was degreasing engine compartment. I used a good amount of water at a car wash rinsing it off and it ran for several minutes after I finished the rinse. Engine cut out just as I was about to close the hood and drive off. Cranks all day, but does not start. Car towed and has sat for several days. Still won't start.
Saw a small puff of some underhood by fuse box.
This Jaguar is completely original right down to the factory installed Pirelli tires. Vehicle has less than 14,000 original miles and has been properly stored in the Winter months since new. When it cranks, there doesn't appear to be any spark? The vehicle just continues to crank without turning over. The vehicle has never been towed; I would prefer to hire a mechanic to inspect the issues where it is stored. However, a client advised that I should post the problem here as it may be a simple problem to solve. With less than 14,000 miles, perhaps it's a simple solution?
a video to repair this leak,heatercore or ,hose in to the difficult is this to fix.?
passenger will not go forward or back. hear a click from control mod.
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