1994 Jaguar XJS Questions

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I been driving my car with on problems.
But one night I had just came home and parked. Then I came back out two hours later and got in my car. It started right up. I went to back up and it just stop. .I tried to start it up. It seems like it won't ed to start but wouldn't. .It's been sitting for about five months now.
Motor doesn't seem to work up or down. Fuse is ok and console switch is ok. What else should I look at? Can switch on parking break be checked or by-passed?
Can stop blinking turning car off or pulling battery cable off only.
Can stop blinking turning car off or pulling battery cable off only.
I have replaced battery with a new one, but didn't make any difference
where is location of oil plug on 94 xjs?
backfire at low rpm ,also will not rev from an idle,sputters and backfires. changed fuel pump,filter,mass air.
'94 XJS, 88K miles, convertible. AC blows cold when it runs. Recently, when AC is turned on (either at start or while running), the fans blow but the AC compressor does not engage, neither in "manual" nor in "thermostat control" mode. After a while, perhaps 10 minutes or so, the compressor kicks in and the AC blows cold again. Anyone know what part(s) might cause this issue?
'94 XJS with 88K miles, ABS brakes. Normally excellent brakes. Now pedal pressure is spongy and stopping is very poor (dangerous). No leaks, fluid remains topped off. On occasion, left front caliper drags, smokes, and pedal goes to floor with virtually zero stopping ability. What part(s) might likely be responsible? Please help.....
I need to find the location of the EMS relay on a 94 XJS. It is a convertible.
1994 Jaguar XJS turns over but no spark. Saw some smoke at ignition coil and replaced it. black wire that leads from coil toward the front of engine was cut and repaired it
The day I purchased this car, the former owner closed the trunk. We were unable to open it even with correct procedure: unlock trunk and push up on button above license plate. HELP!
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