1992 Jaguar XJS Questions

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lights came on by themselves they were not used at the time no automatic light feature. car was not used for several weeks first time this has occured
this happen all the time, started off and on about 2 yrs ago had tune up and cat converter put on also, took it to a jag still could not give me the right answere just can not trust this people
Rats ate the electronical harness engine harness. When you you fix one electrical wire, one brakes. The wiring needs to be fixed. No quess work. The electrical fuse box harness needs repaired. Do you know of anyone that can fix not guess approximately how much
when the air conditioning is on the fan does not work? what could be the problem with it! HELP
fuse for the windows?
I have a 1992 XJS 12 cylender with 35,000 miles. Havent used the car in a year. Today a winning started comming from the fuel tank (I think). I opened cap and seamed to be too much pressure and fuel flying out.Warm fuel. Is the pump winning because it is on way out or could the fuel filter be clogged? Car runs good but sometimes seams like its missing. Was going to change spark plugs tomorrow but I thats a different problem. I am wanting to solve the fuel winning noise issue.


The right rear shock bushings,top, on monroe shocks are wore out causing a "rattle". Can these be replaced with bushings made by Jag? How to fix/
the rotor and distrib cap burned out on right bank - repaired and ran ok for 3000 miles - then one day on start-up it was missing - idled for 5 minutes and the cat conv. was cherry red - gutted both conv(they were both plugged) and still not getting near the vaccuum from the air intake on right compared to left and the exhaust is cold on right side as well. Seems to be smelling of gas strongly from tha right exhaust. We can't figure it out.
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