1998 Jaguar XJR Questions

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The light will come on sometimes for a couple of days and go off for a few days it varies
Car will not hold water. it's the hose under the supercharger
passenger doors are never used,went out and started car one day and passengers door open indicator came on and stays on,all doors are shut.
went out too garage on day and started car and it was on,never have any passengers so door aren't used.
Do u think its supercharger and if so how difficult to rebuild. Is there any online instructions anywhere. Thanks
This car got a misfire code and blow engine oil in the air cleaner housing.
rained in tank,drained tank replaced fuel filter,good gas all the way up to the engine,starts and shuts back off
tank filled with water,drained tank,replaced fuel filter,removed vaulve on fuel rail,switched key on and off pumping out fuel rail,will not stay running,starts right up
The security light on the console that normally blinks when the car is locked, stays on solid. The car cannot be remotely locked and this runs the battery down to the point where the car will not start.

I can re-charge the battery which resolved the problem for a short while, but the issue begins again.

Am told that the problem may be the security module, but don't know why when the battery is re-charged, the problem goes away for a short period.
head lites not working,unless you hold spring loaded hi beam on and it works
Need to change the fuel filter and cannot find it! Help!
The car was performing fine, then the engine staled and would not restart
Transmission Temp High does anybody know what this is and how do i fix it??
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