2004 Jaguar XJ8 Questions

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I'm looking to purchase a 2004 Jaguar XJ8. The owners says that it starts and runs find when cold but skips and stalls when it warms up. He says a mechanic came out and told him that the oxygen sensors upstream and downstream need to be replaced. Would bad oxygen sensors cause this type problems? Could it be bad catalytic converters?

after replacing my battery, i have no sound from my radio or cd player. the unit seem to power up but no sound through speakers
2004 xj8 Jaguar, I took the battery out of the trunk to replace it and closed it accidentally. How do I open the trunk? It has no key hole on the trunk.
This has never happened before but the car sat awhile in the garage while it was freezing and snow.
But, new battery did nothing.
It come on as soon as the car is started. It seems to run fine.
when i lock door some times it does the doubble beep and sometimes it dosent. after 3 or 4 minuets the alarm goes off. it does it even when i manually lock door. how to reset?
the car sat for 5 months when I try to start I realized the trunk is locked and the battery isn't accessible
engine will go to limp mode shut off engine wait a few minutes and faults go away after restart-- average bout twice a month ??
only way to unlatch is use the key manually at key hole
Car slowed down to about 5 mph. Parked immediately now it wont start. Ive disconnected the battery, will crank but will not turnover.
I do not know what this display means. It stays on. I have no idea what to do. I just bought the car and dealer told me it was weak battery??? Is this correct? Is it safe to drive? What should I do?
what are my options. it isnt running hot but keeps dying, and when its not dying its running horrible. wont go, cant gas it, thought catalytic converter. the exhaust is not being released. cant get the bolts off myself so guess its gotta go to shop, just dont wnt to get ripped. thanks for your time
Seems to be a computer problem. Which module of the computer should I look at replacing and how much does it cost?
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