2001 Jaguar XJ8 Questions

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And I was wondering what may cause this and how can I fix it
What seems to make the problem better or worse? I have no clue it came on then went off and came on back
How long have you had this problem? This just happened today
The cigarette lighter in my car stopped working all of a sudden idk if it's the fuse or wire
AC seems to be working, just no air coming from vents
rear wheel bearing need to be replaced can not get brake cable and emergency brake shoes off to remove hub hub is off axle caliper and assembly is removed i have no more to add how do i get brake cable off and since you ask for more how do i get bearings out without press
The alternator was fixed but now the car will not move because of the restricted access feature.
My Mechanic charged me around $1400 for total including labor.
I live on Gulf Coast & this problem started in July and most frequently during the day.
I need to wiring diagram to install this front passenger seat 2001 XJ8 even the head rest is electric.
Went 2 put top down and this fluid was pouring out of top
I get a signal to check brake light. The left brake light bulb is out. Both the bulb and fuse are good. When I press the brake petal I hear a click by the shift lever. Any ideas on what going on?
up and down is very slow-needs manual assist
Having issues with the fuel pump and I want to eliminate this part from the checks
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