1999 Jaguar XJ8 Questions

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Needs new engine
radio works ok ,will also play cassettes with out any problems
stability control fail lights come on and car goes into safe mode. resets at engine restart. What is this?
car engine fan stays on for a few min after car is turned off
I dropped my oil pan on a no start xj8 I bought to see if there was any plastic pieces from worn tensioners. The pan was clean. I turned the key to the on position and heard the fuel pump run for a second. About 1 hour later I looked under the car and fuel was on the floor. What Im asking does it only come through because of leaky injectors?
My brake lights seems to have a shortage, but when I start the car and hold the brakes down, I hear a click in the gearbox and my brake lights start working
need to replace ecm
It is an 8 cyl engine with 52000 miles
The car is all locked up, alarm on and sometime later the boot will pop open on its own Anyone know why?
Check engine light came on after stopping the car while idling. I notes some king of oil coming down from the end on the engine. Tuned the car off and check the oil and the coolant fluid both are OK. Started the car and check engine light came on, the car idled for a minutes or two and stopped. What is the problem?
Just purchased the car, could not get the trunk to open, says it is in Valet mode, the owner does not have the Valet key, how do I get it off Valet mode?
"Battery not charging" light came on
and I lost power steering. Just replaced alternator about 5 months
ago. Could it need a new battery?
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