1998 Jaguar XJ8 Questions

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Car is a 98 XJ8
airbag (srs) indicator stays on
need to pull the tank and change the fuel pump
A hose burst all the water ran out i kept driving the car and the motor locked up i had the motor replaced about a week later the transmission started acting up
The back shoocks are broken too
Anytime car is driven then sits for a day or so, battery goes dead. Can recharge and start. Generator does not get charge to battery. Voltage regulator is in generator. I am stumped for ideas.
The owner's manual says premium gas only, but, I heard that regular gas is now much better than it used be. Do I need to keep spending the big bucks at the gas pump?
I've been driving it with no problems. But one night I came home and parked. Then maybe two hours later. I came out and got in the car started it up. Went to back up and it just stop. .I tried to start it it ack like it won't ed to start but wouldn't. It's been sitting for about five months now.
Would like to use the motor from one of the other windows if I can, for now.
It also disables the cruise control. It usually comes on when put in reverse. It will go out if I turn the car off and wait 10 seconds for the reset. How can I fix this?
cost to install valve cover gasket?
Car was repaired after it would not start. Battery was good and starter motor cranked the engine but fuel would not ignite. The car repair involved replacing a leaking hose that affected the air flow sensing at the fuel injectors. While driving thereafter noticed the cruise control would not work.
Discovered car with lights flashing after sitting for 3 days. Put key in ignition and started up & lights stopped flashing. Turned off and lights started again. Tried to restart would not start but engine would crank. Key also stuck in ignition. Eventually turn of key would not even turn over engine but not because of no battery strength just would not turn over. Hooked up jumper battery and same would turn over but not start, key stuck. Eventually turn of key gave nothing but still juice in battery and jumper. A security problem??? Maybe battery not enough power. Have not checked age of battery or strength. Looks brand new. HELP!!!!
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