1996 Jaguar XJ6 Questions

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What is going on with my jaguar I have no power at all but I get a new battery in it
96 XJ6 with check engine light (was blinking, but not now) will not accelerate, but rather bogs down when attempting to use passing gear.
Gears seem to shift once pressure is reduced on accelerator.
Gets up to speed steadily with constant, gradual pressure on the accelerator. In the past it ran sluggish on inclines, but that was not the case this last time I drove it approximately 20 miles in 55 mile zone. (Achieved and maintained 75 mph with no problem).
Cruise control works, but I did not test it for uphill acceleration.
Check engine light went on today; according to the 1996 owners manual it reads as such: "Lights up when a power train fault is indicated. The power train management system is very complex and requires specialized diagnosis equipment to repair. A limp home capability is incorporated in this engine management system, therefore the vehicle may still be driven gently.
My 1996 Jaguar xj6 won't go in gear windshield wipers won't come on the blinkers won't come on when I used to put my key into the door to unlock the door my security system goes off as if it was someone breaking into the car after so long it Gos off by itself do you think it's the reason it. Want turn over and shut the car down?
It started once and then that was it cranks good no start. Also I use starting fluid to test fuel flow. No start it acts like there is no electric spark to the plugs.
Two days ago I went to open the trunk on my 96 XJ6. and when I hit the trunk unlock button it was dead. Then I touch the open trunk tab next to the steering wheel. Total "Dead". Then I put the kin in the ignition.No life.

There seems to be no (zero) recondition of electrical power in the car even though the battery's fresh and fine. Two days earlier 9as always) it was driving fine.

I'm suspect of component failure, VS wire issue. Any ideas???

Stan Lackey
I put a test light between negative post an negative wire lit up like day where could the short or draw be?
security system came on car is on lockdown light flashing on dash lock car can not be started key will loct the door but will not unlock it
Makes noise when car isn't accelerating
Have to turn it off & wait a min then try again
my car has had a problem with intermittent low idle stalling , until this last week when it stalled and then would not start. engine would crank and had spark but wouldn't catch. tested fuel injector relay and replace below spec also cam postioning sensor (test 1100 ohms replaced) found bad fuel pump fuse replaced engine started but didn't fix original problem and now add engine has started fast idleing and accellerate without throttle i changed spark plugs. now getting error code p1330 stalling more often.
Fuel pump, fuel filter & water pump have been replaced also.
Can't find flasher r turn signal switch for that model car.
I am experiencing a dull rattle of sorts emanating from the right rear of the car when negotiating slightly rough terrain irrespective of speed.After checking for loose muffler components and finding no problem here, I feel convinced it's in the suspension such as a loose shock or other suspension joint.Can anyone provide a diagnosis?
E Blanche
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