1995 Jaguar XJ6 Questions

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I got a 1995 Jaguar xj6 it cranks fuel pump is pumping if I ad starting glued it will start but turns off after a few sec
I live in Michigan and heard and felt the Trac system kick in on snowy roads, but I'm not sure what exactly it's doing.
want totow vehicle and shifter wont go into neutral
I got a 95 jag xj6 van plas I want to take a 86 engine transfer it to 95 jag xj6 can that be done
It goes away after a minuet or two. It has gotten much worse lately.The alternator checks out.The battery is good The belts seem to be tight enough.
It does drive. Takes off slow but can't accelerate beyond 50mph. How do I fix. What sum call "limp" mode
starts bucking and kicking then will smmoth out but does it again
It runs smooth
the car key won't lock the door and when you use the alarm key all the doors lock then unlock but the drivers door won't do anything.please could you confirm if its the solenoid that needs replacing ?
I need to know what size allen wrench is used to remove the caliper bolts on the rear of my 1995 xj6.
recently replaced crank shaft position sensor. rode it a couple days and same issue re-occured. it started drove a few hundred yards and cut off. now it takes a few cranks and then starts.
my gas gage is not operating.
runs rough
i have a jaguar 1995 xj6
I have a V6 this valve appears to be located through the bulkhead just behind the engine with very little room for tools and hands!

Country: United States
Make: Jaguar
Model: XJ6
Year: 1995

Already Tried:
Evacuated, replaced compressor and Accumulator, recharged system by service shop. It was determined that the Expansion value was clogged. When the compressor electrical pigtail is connected system does come on, but hot air only. Expansion value is located through the fire wall. I have removed the passenger bottom panel and removed the computer. Couldn't see or find any access to the EV. Recently replaced the Radio and didn't see a place to access the EV there either.
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