1994 Jaguar XJ6 Questions

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my 94 jaguar xj6 drivers side rear tail lights not working right. I have brake lights , turn signal, back up lights but the driving lights or running lights on the right side . Its been a problem for a couple of years. I have already replace the rear light assembly and the lighting control cpu
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing
How long have you had this problem? 2 years
go until it hits 3 gear and then it drops to 450RPM then chugs and dies. Also noted plugs carbon up. check light on, won't register any codes after I cleared it. hope I can fix, spent already 650.00 and run out of funds.
Hi, Is there a sequence to reset the alarm on my own? I need to open my trunk to replace the dead battery. Manually and jump post options did not work. Thank you

Where *Exactly is the pull cord located behind the arm rest on the back seat? The battery is dead and I can't pop the trunk. I had someone pull out the backseat but they said they didn't find anything. They were looking for a lever. Hopefully it was overlooked!
The 3 lights that stay on all the time is the left turn light, battery light and brake light (all of which work fine). All gauges stopped working-rpm, speedometer, battery gauge, oil gauge, and temperature gauge.
Bought my wife a 1994 XJ6. AC switch comes on, blower comes on, but the compressor does not. I have replaced the AC relay switch and checked all the fuses. Any information you may give me will be greatly appreciated.
Radiator fan stays on. Obviously needs a new relay. Fuses okay. Can I get to the relay without putting the car up on a lift?
car would start w0uld not would not go over 15 20 miles per hour
This just started doing this about a week ago. It happened once. Then I tried again to start it and it worked. Drove it for a week and now it is doing it again
Heater control will come on but no heat will blow out of the vents
Give me a step by step procedure and what tools are required.
On acceleration the oil comes out leaving a trail in the street. Just put in 7 quarts of oil and the oil light is back on and the oil almost gone after driving about 7 miles.
Car sat for a long time. put a new fuel pump in it and it started right up. drove it around and it was fine. two weeks later i went to drive the car and it missed and sputtered. won't accelerate past 1500 rpm. wtf?
new alternator new battery new belt, idiot lite not on, gauge says that it is charging 13 volts. battery is dead after 30 mins from drivng.
hey my jaguar dnt lose power but smokes real bad and also it doesnt run hot how can i fix the problem
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