1993 Jaguar XJ6 Questions

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No diagnostic codes showing. Brake lights seem to work when I shut the lights off.
I have tried to do this several times. It is the code off of the card that came with the car so i know its the right code plus it doesnt say error it just says wait. Please help.
Anyone know what Fuse1 means on dash code? fuses are all good. HELP.
Need help ,car is stuck in limpmode after moving lever next to shifter to unlock and get out of park . 93 xj6
Does anyone know where the Gear shift solenoid relay module is located? 93 xj6
Noticed light on dash showing tranny light failure, then drove car and was in limpmode, radiator fans quit , could that do it?
i hooked my battery up backward on 1993 jaguar xj6 and now center fuse box is getting no power. car wont turnover headlights wipers and seats not working
a code came up for the egr vlv replaced it and the oxygen sensor, also changed plugs and oil. car won't pass smog
Door handle hinge broken.Can lift up handle but no connection.Can open from inside.How to fix it ? With thanks, Adrian.
It just started doing this. If I play with it awhile , I can get it out of park
alarm system will not let car crank. It is on and will
not go off. I just want to disconnect it completely
My email address is
Please help me. Thank you very much.
Just had alot of work to car know went to put the radio code in and just 2 of the numbers wont display on screen almost acking like they are stuck is it the LCD light inside that is blown?
I just had head gasket rebuilt in car one month ago and it has been leaking oil onto pavement, what to do??
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