1991 Jaguar XJ6 Questions

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Driving home dies out, starts idles for very short time dies out ,if you give gas dies out. I have had no problems with engine before.
the car will start to stall periodically when I'm driving, it loses power want accelerate and cuts off when i try to take off.
took to the shop two days ago for the same problem and they thought it was the relay . today went to the gym for 2 hours and it wont start same as before . could a bad gas filter cause this?
this morning the car seems hesitant , but started . after 2 hour at the gym car wouldnt start. this just happen last week and just got the car back and neighborhood mechanic changed the relay . plesase help
I just got a new fuel pump and the car stated up fine even better then better sounds great and everything but while it was dead the power lock and mostly everything stop working due to no power will I got a jump and once again the car started running fine into I try locking the door again and nothing worked so I tried the button and it raised my right side window down why ? can anyone help me with a accurate answer
warning lamp on lt. side of cluster think it's fog lamp bulb out but fog lamps are after market replacements
when the light goes on it appears that the transmission wont shift and that it is stuck in a higher gear. i can take it up to 100km or so still but doesnt appear any shifting is going on to get there. when light is off- it all seems normal. i just had a tranny filter change and the guys never noticed anything at the time but its def got an issue.
as soon as I fill water resivoir it leaks right out from rear of engine...what could this be
Having problems with the two lines that connect inside of the tank to the existing lines that run through the body and to the filters..
Installed NEW Battery, New Altenator, another load dump module and the car will not charge over 11 volts then it goes down to nothing. The altenator is a 115Amp and belts are tight. After a while the car drains the battery. i looked for any open cables or wires. Now what?
how to stop growling brakes
My 1991 XJ-6 was running at idle in a parking lot...I went to drive on and turned on the headlights, (it was a rainy day) when all of the sudden the car totally dies...No electrical power what so ever. After I few minutes, the electrical power came on again, and I was able to drive away. As stated, all power dies completely...Almost as if we took the battery right out of the car. Help!
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