2007 Jaguar X-Type Questions

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jaguar x type 2007- plugs and core packs were changed and battery was recharged and car will not staying running unless foot is on gas
I replaced the battery a few days ago. Now when I drive it the car beeps like something is wrong but when I press the brakes it stops beeping. It only beeps when I drive and stops when I brake. What does this mean?
How long have you had this problem? Just noticed it today
I have always had a problem adding gas it keeps cutting off at the pump i have to pump very slow that I could deal with but now my gas gage isnt working and I cant get it to take more that $7 a week when driving the same used to take $20+ I have read the float sticks?? Is that hard to fix
I bought the Jag with 47000 miles and I've never had a tune up. I have 167,000 miles now and what kind of service should I have done?
My power brakes work only 50% of the time. Could it be a bad power brake booster or engine vacuum tube?
Car temp went all the way to the right , all red lights came on.
Jag was taken to Just Brakes for back pads and rotor replacement. After work performed brakes will not release. This was not a symptom before work was done
Just bought car 2 months ago, running great. Then suddenly drive and reverse went out while driving on the interstate. Engine runs but car want move. Mechanic says intermediate shaft broke in transmission. Says it's a common failure.
I was told, by the Jaguar dealership in Birmingham, that replacement of my headlights -- both have gone out, but the parking lights are still on -- would cost between $500 and $1,000, because the bumper had to be removed.

Does this sound right?
front axle boot is leaking
leaking right front axle boot
just curious
This vibration was thought to be tires, had two replaced, no change. Had everything rebalanced, no change. Any suggestions.
diagnostic code P0171
how to replace coolant fan on this type of vehcile
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