2002 Jaguar X-Type Questions

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The car was bought in Japan and the waveingth is only up to 89.9 on fm. I need more, at least up to 106? I need to reset to get more coverage.
Should i khange both upstream& dwn?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It happens n park& @ lightz
How long have you had this problem? A few weekz
Pipe under motor thats connected to the exhaust get extremely hot and turns red what's the problem
My 2002 Jag 4.0 V8 S type has been sitting under carport covered since Nov with a a 1.5 amp battery charger on it. When I started it it fired rightover no hesitation so I took it out for a ride and noticed the Lamp indicator was on. Do you have any ideas?
Transmission slipping .
About half the time when I change gears, there is a brief, 1 -2 second lag before engaging. While this is a 2002 car, it has less than 80,000 miles. This is the original clutch.
I tried to find used head lights found 03 had same problem found 04 had same issues all the internal adjusters had shattered
Can't opened hood,one of the two cable broke when I was trying to opened how can I fix that
My car just shut off while I driving at 65mph and it has never started back up again. I had to get it towed home
it threaded about 1 inch and has a smaller shaft about a inch long.
I can't move it. Anytime gas is given it bogs down. It idles kind of rough. When i rev it, it will sink slow then back to idle. I am not a mechanic. What would make this happen?
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