2008 Jaguar Vanden Plas Questions

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Have replaced both HID units. Daytime running lights work, but low beams do not.
Air conditioner is working but it's not blowing cold air at any speed inside the car you can feel very cold air when touching outlets.
Can I do something my self or this is more serious problem ?
The battery is dead. My key will not open the trunk. Is there an alternate way to open the trunk besides the key? Is there a release somewhere in or under the car?
light is burned out above the high beam headlignt (the running lignt)
Every time I get in my car the warning light and the message the bonnet is open comes on in my car. I check the hood and it seems to be securely latched. Do these sensors go bad and if so, where are they located?
just tell me wher is the key to open the dash board
please show me the key to open the dash.
Nothing in the owners manuel that is helpful. Where should I start diagnosing the problem?
my brake fluid indicator light is on a the reservoir shows min, what type of fluid do i put in d3 or d4? I do not want to drive it 35+ miles to the Jag dealer for a couple of ounces of fluid.
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