2005 Jaguar Vanden Plas Questions

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what tool is required to release belt tensioner in order to replace the serpentine belt
after shutting glove box went to re-open and box is jammed. Pressing button makes buzzing sound behind the box electronically opened?
beeper sounds solid beep.
Theie are no engine codes on the computer? Pinging noise is getting a little more pronounced.
The car will not spend over at all . Never ever had a problem before . I have hit the Key with the car running in the ignition switch with my knee several times could that cause a problem ? Do the key need to be reprogrammed ? Could it be the ignition switch ?Could there be some type of switch that needs to be reset ? or a electric problem? Hopefully someone has experienced this problem. I'm
lost & puzzled please help.
Almost immediately following a tire rotation and balance, vehicle received DSC FAULT, ABS FAULT, TRANSMISSION FAULT, AIR SUSPENSION FAULT, AND VEHICLE TOO LOW MESSAGES.

A few more facts I feel are important: my battery light came on appox. 5-6 wks following the installment of an isimple (audio AUX outlet) which just so happened to be the day I was on way to the auto shop for the tire service. AutoZone diagnostics code read, "Transmission Electrical". Withthat said Tranny does shift somewhat ruff and once (months ago shifted so hard it felt like we were rear-ended (The Rear-Ended Shift Has Only Happened Once).
Question is ,on my car where can I find the amp to check the fuse????
The dealer said car batteries die on the lot if the car never gets started,so he jumped it and Everything on the car works great,Bluetooth,dvd,navy,ect.Although I have no sound for anything. I have no idea what this could be.
Driving along, dash pops up "restricted performance", temp gauage shoots up within seconds and red lights. If you pull over and shut the car off (is not overheating) and restart the car, temp goes back to normal. Drive for 30 miles and it happens again. Again, it is not overheating and when restarted after just minutes, temp is normal. Seems more of an electrical/computer issue than mechanical.
please help cant find to ad tranny fluid
is this a serious problem? just acquired car and do not know anything about it and do not have manual
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