2000 Jaguar Vanden Plas Questions

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Fill tank with fuel, gauge reads full, drive 100 miles gauge drops to empty. Replaced fuel sending unit, same problem. Could be faulty wiring, but the gauge dosen’t Respond to what the sending unit says it should.
What's it mean when deck says A MEM NO-AM
Radio says a-nm and no am
trunk(boot) to get at the battery. Cant turn the steering wheel or get it out of park for a tow !! Help111
Blows the hose from motor to radiader off an lose all fluid an over heats
The car has roughly 80,000 on it and has had only one owner. a friend who owns a body shop looked at it with his grandfather. They liked it as an occasional car -- not my main car. But they are not mechanics. The asking price is $7000.00. Can i ask for a Carfax printout? would that tell me anything about the engine?

Please give me your best ideas. thanks! Beckjord
trunk door stopped unlocking at same time. Now trunk opens randomly on its own (indicator light comes on)
It started, backed out of garage, pulled it back in. Now it will not start. Engine spins not firing.
all other gears seem to be ok, i just purchased the car not sure where to start ,change and top up fluid ?
I am getting code P1384. I have changed the camshaft actuator and vvt solenoids.
The window operates normally if the vehicle was locked using the Fob. The only way to get the window to open after locking with the key is to quick short the battery. What gives?
this is the second alternater in the last month
My car said that the alternator is not charging
first time this happen what do asc not availableand trac not avaible mean
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