1999 Jaguar Vanden Plas Questions

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My back left tire is bent inward don't know what happened but the traction control and stability control messages are showing. There is a grind and a wobble. I'm wondering of this has something to do with an axle
When I turn the car off it won't start back up automatically the lights start flickering the seats going up and back there are some clicking the windshield wipers do intermittent wiping and then maybe the car might start like its resetting itself
What fuse controls luggage compartment lights
bulbs,fuse ok. current 3.89v delivered at the harness socket
When I first start driving before the car has really warmed up if I pull off it hesitates in various accelerations and a light in the dash shows ASC. I don'tknow what it means or the cause of the problem
Verify what restriictive performance intails. While driving this light pops on and goes out intermittently
dashboard got a yellow light shows transmission fault, restricted performance, the car still running but lost power I turn the engine off and turned back on and the car runs fine again.
I had a timing tensioner replaced and a coil pack. there is still a restrictive performance light that comes in and out. the check engine light stays on. there is the slightest sign of a tap but barely
I was told that number 4 was showing signs of failure. I had the #2 replaced and that did not solve the restricted performance and ignition light still displaying. there were indications that 4 was showing fails I bought another coil pack now I need to know which is 4
The antenna doesn't come up or dose the radio come on, just how many fuses are there for the radio?
I have a 99 jag xj8 goes in limp mode.cluster says stability and traction control malfunction.checked wheel speed sensors there fine
has code u2012 communication bus error non scp and u1041 scp vehicale speed signal invalid or missing data
Vanden Plas was totaled and quarter panel replaced with an XJ8 quarter panel on the battery side
Turn the key and all you hear is a click. the next day it starts fine. Sometimes ABS light is on, plus Traction Control warning.
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