1998 Jaguar Vanden Plas Questions

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This is for my 98 Jaguar XJ8 vanden plas
son unlocked it before it was in park and now it wont unlock or lock
water is some how filling in the area that surrounds the fill area around the gas cap
Front brakes seem to be dragging on the rotor, unable to turn wheel when jacked up. Why?
tried changing coolant tank cap
Runs fine at 2000 RPM for 9 minutes then overheats. No coolant leak when overheating. Any ideas? I also checked fuses that applied to heating & cooling.
the car is shaking badly, it's hard to keep it from moving. Pushing on brake pedal with the max force cannot prevent the car from creeping forward. It's scary and very dangerous. What can be a problem? It happened twice, otherwise the car works normal.
When the windows aren't working the dash says "drivers door is open" If I disconnect the battery it will work somewhat but when the car sits for awhile, it will quit working again.
Stuck in valet mode could it be relay or sensor
I recall reading in the manual not to use a de-icer. Since I only have one key, I don't want to turn too hard.
I turn on the ac and the fans still not working
It first started when i forgot the sun roof open one day and it rained,from that time I could only open the front passengers side with the passengers side buttons.The drivers side button will not open any windows or doors.a few days ago it rained and the sun roof started opening and closing all by itself,it would not stay close for any significant period of time;as the rain subsided,it started to function normally,for the last two days,it worked okay,however,the sunroof button,isn't as responsive as it previously was.
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