1995 Jaguar Vanden Plas Questions

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Alot of back firing
Ok so some, previouse owner put in a home light switch one of the three switch boxes and wired it off the original light box dim board. My blinkers don't work but hazards do. Help need wire diagram please
There isn't more to add!! I have no access to trunk where battery is located and, therefore, cannot charge battery!!! Cannot drive/move my car. Help!! Suggestion please!!
I dont understand what happened. My jaguar vanden plans just stopped charging right after I got gas. Any ideas on what happened or where to start?
car runs fine for awhile then seems to have trash blocking the fuel. When it has set for awhile it runs again for a while then dies again.
I have had the car for three years. I had not noticed this problem until three months ago. Prior to last fall this was my second car, used for long drives. Since last fall it has been my only car and has been used for short drives as I do not go on long drives in the fall and winter. As I am not losing coolant I am hoping that the cause is the short drives and that going on longer drives will get rid of the problem.
hello i have a 1995 xj6 vanden plas my window stop working and the seats only the back window work can any body help me
It first started with the transmission. It would have to run and idle for a minute before it would shift out of park. Now it wont shift out of park at all and the tach. jumps up and down. The engine will then stall and wont start. The fluids are up and the trans. did not slip prior to this problem.
Spare is Pirelli P4000 E 225/60 ZR 16. Can I use it?

How can I tell the age of the Toyo tires that are on the car now? I just bought this car.
Front passenger door lock does not unlock on either remote or key operation
fron driver seat, window and radio not working. need to find where fuse are located for this problem
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