1992 Jaguar Vanden Plas Questions

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lights are off and key is removed.
Are there other year Jaguar passenger doors that I might use to replace 2 damaged passenger doors in my 1992 Vanden Plas
The diagnostic code that the car comes up with is fuse 1 but I can't locate where fuse 1 is.
I had a fuel pump put in professionally, and the car is getting fuel. I can hear the pump. I know the mechanic did not change my filter. Is this a problem? Could massive air intake be causing this problem. Thanks for your help. My majestic will run for about 10 minutes, and loose power and cut off.
i bought a nice jag and i disconnected the battery and now the radio doesnt work,i didnt know,but i do now the code on the radio cover or where do i find the right code and how do i enter it,can someone help me,thanks guys
When I pull all of the fuses simultaneously and the drain continues. therefore it must be an unfused system. Does anyone know where I could start looking.
i have a roaring noise in the rear end need to know would it be cheaper to replace rear or rebuild
my on board diagnosis keep telling me that fuse 1 is out i cant find a blown fuse where is located at
how do you take the gas tank out to replace the fuel pump?
how do you get a the gas tank out to change the fuel pump
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