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Every time I restart the car, the clock, radio, blower controls loose settings and return to factory settings (or at least I assume they are factory settings because it is always the same). The clock resets to 1am, the radio turns vol down to zero and looses memory of last station, the CD looses track of last played track, temp resets to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, auto control temp goes back to 72 (or equivalent celsius temp), etc. I have disconnected the battery for 20 mins with no change. I have disconnected the battery and touched jumped positive lead to ground to drain capacitors, with no change. Also, seat does not go back all the way, but this may be unrelated
My fuel gauge needle is sporadic. It does not always reflect the actual amount of fuel in my fuel tank.

Usually, after I turn the vehicle off, then on, several times and drive it, it settles down.

This said, the range function on my Trip Computer is always spot on -- accurately displaying a mileage consistent with known fuel onboard. The range number does not vary with the fluctuating fuel gauge needle.

Any insights and technical information would be most appreciated.
wipers do not work after battery disconnect is thee something that must be done to activate wiper system
just happened yesterday no warning!
Gas pedal stops responding suddenly. Garage says throttle positioning sensor
is indeed culprit after quick check. Dealer service says to put on a new throttle
body for a huge amount! Confused. Is the TPS available separately for this
Model/2007? Or is it sold only together as one part? Thanks.
where should i start looking to solve problem.
Are the s-type diesel available in the US?
does the s-type 07 or 08 require high test gas?
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