2005 Jaguar S-Type Questions

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Had new pan and filter installed along with re-programing
Still does it. HELP
Car was running fine earlier. Turned car off. About 10 minutes later started car and it was running rough with restricted performance message stalled and wouldn't start again. Coils and plugs are fine.
I started my car and put it in drive and pressed on gas but the car didn't move. I put the car in park, turned it off and tried to restart. However, the car accessory lights came on but when I moved the key to III, the car didn't start. It wasn't as of the battery was dead because all of the accessories came on. It just appears that the car was in gear and would engage while trying to restart.
Problem has been recurring for 2 years. Almost was rear ended when the rear brakes locked up and engine cut off.
When I turn on the ignition, the park brake fault light comes on periodically. When I turn off and restart it sometimes goes away. Sometimes I have to re-start it several times to drive.
After refueling with regular gas my 05 Jaguar S-type with only 53K miles did not change gear from the Parking position despite the fact that the engine was running. I had to tow the car. What is the most likely problem?
Need to take out the tubing on the wiper arm?
Intermittently, I get my fault lights coming on and car goes into limp home mode. I get park brake fault, dcs unavailable, engine malfunction, and on the other side I get cruise unavailable. The idle shoots up to 2000 rpm. Car will not go over an idle even in drive. Sometimes I can restart it and it clears right up, other times it will not. I have changed the battery as suggested by the jaguar forums, but even they are scratching their heads. I am ready to trade this thing in, if I can get it running again. Please help.
this is an intermittent problem, Which clears when engine restarted. Whilst on engine has power loss.
Left brake light warning light is on, need to repair bulb
Then the parkbrakes smell like they were burning.
This happens every time I get gas. The fuel filler door stays closed but not shut... as if a clasp is missing.
jag 4.2 has a new thermostat housing and thermostat
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