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Took my 2005 Jag S type to the dealer because while driving it put me on Limp Mode,mac cording to them the car has a catalytic converter problem and the Throttle Body need it to be replace. Since they told me that replacing the throttle body will fix the problem I went ahead and change (very expensive by the way) take the car back three days after the repair again limp mode, went ahead and took it back to the Dealership and now they're saying that my car needs a new a Engine Wire Harnes.....WHATTTT we are talking almost 3,000.00 dollars......Please I need some help since tomorrow Inhave a meeting at the dealership with the General Manager, manager and the mechanic since I went back to them and asked to speak to the General Manager of the Dealership since it since to me that when they change the throttle body they broke the TPS connector since they gave me my car back with expose wires, glued connector and pieces of black tape all over my engine and I also demanded my old throttle body since Broward County, Fl law states that they have to give you back your old part......anyway I need help to win this Battle against this Corporate Wolf
Hello I appreciate all you guys answers. I have a 2005 Jag the left rear door sensor for something I don't know it is keeping my the doors from locking or and arming my system. I did the WD 40 a couple of times to no avail. Does anybody have any other suggestions? Also the wiring harness that goes through the door jamb to that door can I feel bad that rubber boot trace some wires and jump them? I don't need the light to come on over its only me driving lol
The problem used to occur on long distance trips. Now it occurs on shorter trips.
I purchased a used Engine Harness on E-BAY for this car the ID on the harness is 4G 762 AB but the one in my car ID is 4G 762 AA their is one breakout within the harness of the AB harness which is not on the AA harness all the rest of the bundle fit my car, can I still use this harness in my car?
i replaced the climet control unit with a rebilt one.and i still have the same proablem.can u give me some test to preform.on this car.
this is now constant. At first it only happened every now again and put the car in park and turning motor off then back on usaully fixed the problem temporarily.
And restricted driving. I just got the car 2 days ago and took it to mechanic and they found rt tail light had a problem that showed up on dash board. Now engine malfunction(amber) has showed up after I have purchased much is it to repair and/or get specialized diagnostics to fix this issue?
lights left on. jump started car. since then parking brake fault light on. tried resetting module no luck.
light . whats needs to be replaced. the whole parkingbrake system or what. took car to shop her in Rochester ny. I mean no one works on jaguars
Can I put the air recirculation button on permanently? It keeps going off every few minutes.
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