2005 Jaguar S-Type Questions

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I plugged in a scanner that read 12 problems with these codes.po301,303pl313,316,po101,128,442,455,p2 135,po456,pl111. What does all this mean

Back window and break lights go out at the same time, why??

What should the temp of engine be when filling transmission fluid

Amber light is olso on

Compression reads 65 psi. Car has 110k miles. Fuel and spark are present. Car has rough idle due to misfire of and also makes a steady ticking noise near cylinder 8 which sounds like a valve noise. Does head need to be pulled? If so can it be done with engine in car? Oil and coolant are not mixed and car does not overheat.

on/emergency break NOT on. And I cannot drive nor reverse.

If I turn the motor off and start the car, sometime 5-6 times, the emergency break light goes off and I am able to proceed. It's annoying and I know there must be a bigger problem. How is this problem resolved?

went to have my jag inspected and was told I had two misfiring pistols and would cost $2,700.00 to repair I need a second opinion before spending that kind of money and don't have too

I bough some bad high grade gas, and was told I had two misfiring pistols and his mechanic could repair it for $2,700.00 so I need a second opinion before having it done

Took my 2005 Jag S type to the dealer because while driving it put me on Limp Mode,mac cording to them the car has a catalytic converter problem and the Throttle Body need it to be replace. Since they told me that replacing the throttle body will fix the problem I went ahead and change (very expensive by the way) take the car back three days after the repair again limp mode, went ahead and took it back to the Dealership and now they're saying that my car needs a new a Engine Wire Harnes.....WHATTTT we are talking almost 3,000.00 dollars......Please I need some help since tomorrow Inhave a meeting at the dealership with the General Manager, manager and the mechanic since I went back to them and asked to speak to the General Manager of the Dealership since it since to me that when they change the throttle body they broke the TPS connector since they gave me my car back with expose wires, glued connector and pieces of black tape all over my engine and I also demanded my old throttle body since Broward County, Fl law states that they have to give you back your old part......anyway I need help to win this Battle against this Corporate Wolf

Hello I appreciate all you guys answers. I have a 2005 Jag the left rear door sensor for something I don't know it is keeping my the doors from locking or and arming my system. I did the WD 40 a couple of times to no avail. Does anybody have any other suggestions? Also the wiring harness that goes through the door jamb to that door can I feel bad that rubber boot trace some wires and jump them? I don't need the light to come on over its only me driving lol

The problem used to occur on long distance trips. Now it occurs on shorter trips.