2005 Jaguar S-Type Questions

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2005 s type jaguar was running great when parked battery was drained after sitting 3 months of not starting ,tried to start battery dead so I bought new battery put key in ignition switch dash light up not a sound trying to start jag tried to take out of park to roll car out of garage no luck lights horn radio all work please help tried moving relays around no luck
2005 s type jaguar battery died replaced it now now crank and stuck in park only thing it does is light up dashboard
Trying to take the rear right door handle off and I can not get it off
I plugged in a scanner that read 12 problems with these codes.po301,303pl313,316,po101,128,442,455,p2 135,po456,pl111. What does all this mean
Back window and break lights go out at the same time, why??
What should the temp of engine be when filling transmission fluid
Amber light is olso on
Compression reads 65 psi. Car has 110k miles. Fuel and spark are present. Car has rough idle due to misfire of and also makes a steady ticking noise near cylinder 8 which sounds like a valve noise. Does head need to be pulled? If so can it be done with engine in car? Oil and coolant are not mixed and car does not overheat.
on/emergency break NOT on. And I cannot drive nor reverse.

If I turn the motor off and start the car, sometime 5-6 times, the emergency break light goes off and I am able to proceed. It's annoying and I know there must be a bigger problem. How is this problem resolved?
went to have my jag inspected and was told I had two misfiring pistols and would cost $2,700.00 to repair I need a second opinion before spending that kind of money and don't have too
I bough some bad high grade gas, and was told I had two misfiring pistols and his mechanic could repair it for $2,700.00 so I need a second opinion before having it done
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