2002 Jaguar S-Type Questions

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Check engine code P1385
Put in battery the right way but only the
engine light goes on. But won't start.
Engine wont start,lost the electrics to the central locking ,only drivers door working.No power to open boot.on the dash warning says Fault with handbrake.
Ive checked all fuses connected with this in the engine bay,passenger compartment and the boot.All appear good. Ive also did the test from the drivers seat but I don't know what the codes mean.
Problem just happened two days ago came out and it won't idle up like it supposed to be
I parked on a hill and when I took it out of park and went to drive it would not move.
Can't find place to add transmission fluid. Transmission has a slight skip. Thought I would add transmission fluid as a try, before I replace transmission.
I want to add R134A fluid, however, I am unable to locate the proper valve in which to add the fluid.
The doors unlock for about two seconds, then they lock again.
The key is in off position bury engine won't shut off. After two hours, with the key in the off position I pumped brakes twice quickly and it shut off. Mine you during the two hours I did pump my brakes with the key in the off position but nothing happened.
am not getting any juice in the air compressor,what can I do?
still not connecting using T-Mobile. Almost hour gone by told him go repair tablet come back. Grabbed his cell phone and had tablet connect then said coil wire bad it was 6 which he moved to 5 but really it is number 4 and told me around 60 bucks for coil wire. Had another job to go to will come back tonight. But I paid for troubleshooting without really knowing what it is going on. If the coil wire is bad and misfire on 6 I am not understand how this move to 4.
When car running it has a heavy burning smell.
red and yellow light come on 3 codes "DSC not Available " "Parkbreak fault" "Engine systems Fault" it will drive very slow I have to turn car off ....and restart again until they go away oh and check engine light comes on as well
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