2000 Jaguar S-Type Questions

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Have a 2001 s type 4.0 had a blowout the tread ripped out fender liner and bumper. Now when you try to accelerate when the car hits 25 mph it dies and says failsafe engine mode have to shift into n and it will start then as long as you barely push the throttle it will gain speed but try to accelerate quickly and then it dies and reads failsafe engine mode. Any idea what causing this to happen.
Don't hear anything it cuts off in park
what do you have to do to remove the mirror from the piece that is attached to the windwshield
Replaced window motor hit switch and it just clicks at the module. Tried a different module did same thing just clicks. All other windows go down even with the global key fib but the drivers window!
have jaguar s type 2000 4.0 v8 which is overheating new heater valve put in new thermostat housing but still overheating after 10 mins of idling
At 2000 rpm my speed is 60 mph .no over drive ! Hard on gas
The interior courtesy lights stopped working after a visit to the repair shop for new seals around some engine parts. In addition the garage door opener on the visor stopped working and the battery went dead after 5 days without use.
I have an S-Type 2000 Jaguar that will not hold air conditioner refrigerant for more than a day. I am sure there is a leak somewhere, but could anyone tell me exactly where the most common areas are to look?
few days ago, diagnostic say sensor bad but not available in u.s.
Not every day but now fauksafe engine mode comes on and off
my A/C isn't blowing cold and need to refill it but I don.t know where to plug it in.
Towed it home, no crank, its completely dead. Nothing happens when I turn the key. Batteries new, and it is charged.
The RH low beam headlight is too high, can't seem to adjust it with the leveling actuator.
So just recently my 2000 Jaguar S-type 4.0 V8 started running rough when I was idling. I thought it was the spark plugs so I replaced all 8 but that hasn't fixed the problem. Now it runs rough all the time. It lacks power when accelerating and feels like it is struggling to stay running. It is also leaking a significant amount of oil. The car idles normally around 600 RPM but now it will dip down to 400RPM which causes a large amount of Vibration. I don't know what the problem is. Could it be the Coils?
I've checked fuses, replaced bulbs, still no right side tail lights.
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