Q: I've pulled the carfax on an 2007 F150 and it reports "air intake system service on 2007 Ford F-150

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what exactly is the air intake system servicing? i know that air intake is key cooling/heating engine to make it run efficiently, but what does the "servicing" entail? what would it cost to repair the air intake system components upon failure? thanks jd
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I presume they are talking about cleaning the carbon deposits from the throttle butterfly/throttle housing area, used to be common to solve a rough idle or hesitation on acceleration. Simple service involves removing the air intake duct and using a little bit of Chemtool on a cloth to gently remove deposits. Perhaps it was a "top end cleaner like BG used in the intake manifold to clean deposits on the back of the intake valves and built up in the intake manifold.
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Mitchell1 witch is a Automotive repair management system reports to carfax it shows that it was serviced at one point. Air Intake system service could be as little as air filter and MAF sensor cleaning.

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