Q: its been a love hate relatioship with this 1999 yucon denali! on 1999 GMC Yukon Denali

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any online sites specializing in autmatic transmission and its eletrical components of a 1999 yucon denali that render the transmission to not having any gears i had a transmission blow its clutch making a terrible noise this time it just stopped working barely a noise when it went almost a disengage noise then no more noises and no more movement 2 or 4 wheel drive leading me to believe its eletrical some eletrical component names may help in my trouble shooting
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i dont have a code reader. but it would be a good investment.this truck has proved that! i actually have a trans. i was hoping it could wait its been pretty cold around here these days! but thanks for your input jim
There may be something wrong with the valve body/solenoid, a problem with torque converter, or a bad trans. The trans drives the 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive so if theres a problem with one of the above listed items the truck wouldnt go anywhere.
thanks for your advise sounds like im replacing trans again!! i already have it just hoping it could wait until warmer temps!! thanks again jim
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