Q: it needs valve job is it worth buying and getting it fixed? on 2003 Dodge Durango

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I'm very interested in buying the durango for 1350.00 and I really don't want to put a lot money into it to get it running.
(2) Answers
You say it needs a valve job but how far do you want to go on the repairs? Ask yourself that. You jave to think about all the other costs such as gaskets, oil, coolant, and since your in it why not do a thermostat. If your not doing the work yourself your looking at at least another possibly $1,000.00 Check kelly blue book to find out the value of the car. Another thing that you said was "to get it running" What's to say once you do all that work there isn't something else wrong with it. If it's not running $1,350.00 is to high for what if's. In the end it's your money.