Q: It appears to be overheating on 1997 Mercury Villager

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I have 97 merc villager with 0ver 130K miles, which keeps overheating. The temperature gauage does not show it over heating, but you can just see the smoke coming out from under the hood after only driving about 5 - 10 miles. The fluids all look great, and as the car is idling it does not get that hot and there is no smoke. this only happens when you drive the vehicle. The smoke smells like antifreeze, if this helps. Also, the water pump is not squealing. Could fluid be leaking from another point onto the manifold or engine causing the smoke, but truly not overheating?

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all good points to check from wolfmansnake. If the smoke/steam is coming from under the hood, i wonder if you don't have a leak that is landing on the hot exhaust. Have you had to add fluid at all? Can you see stains from the coolant anywhere? I also suggest pressure testing your cooling system and radiator cap. That should highlight any leaks
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Could be a cracked head or bad head gasket. I there a milky look to the oil? Is there antifreeze smell at exhaust pipe? Either of these would indicate the above.
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