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Isuzu Rodeo Sport owners review and rate their Isuzu Rodeo Sport.

Isuzu Rodeo Sport (4 Reviews)
My dad bought me this car used. I love it but its a money pit. There are always problems. It 's nice on the inside and out I just wish it would work regularly. I will not be buying any Isuzu's in my future.
Bought it used with fifty thousand on it for my son to use for school, have had it for four years and no major problems and everyone knows how well college kids take care of their vehicles. Gas tank is a little small (14 gal) seeing as it only gets 15mpg city and 18mpg highway. I'm online right now looking for exhaust parts and they seem a bit expensive.
purchased new and it has been worry free. could't be happier with
vehicle. may be the best in reliability of all cars previous autos
I purchased my suv new and have enjoyed it every since. (2001). I have not had any major problems with my suv, just the minor wear and tear.