2002 Isuzu Trooper Questions

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My key ignition cylinder is jammed by 1/4 of my key. I was using my ignition switch to start my vehicle, my ignition switch broke so now I am replacing it. I have an 2002 Isuzu trooper
What can I do to get power to my car after putting my negative on my positive on my battery in my 2002 Isuzu trooper
all electrical and busted fuse and relays are ok
I changed the battery and I get nothing, had a jumper that can start a semi and no lights or anything came on. Any idea of what else it could be that is not allowing any charge to get it started?
Have several error codes. Can't rememeber all, but one is the camshaft and crankshaft sensors. Also, truck will start, run, but not go over 10 mph. Ideas???
turn on key wait 15 seconds and it will start.15 seconds after that it dies.what can cause this to has plenty of gas
My trooper keeps popping out of 2wd and going into neutral. Then it makes a constant grinding noise untill I can come to a complete stop, put it in park, and shift it back into 2wd. When keeping pressure on the transfer case shift lever it seems to help it stay engaged a little better. But the problem is getting worse. (i.e. The bungie cord that I have been using to apply that constant pressure seems to not be doing the job anymore) Anyone got any ideas? It's going to be transfer case issuemost likely I would guess but do you think it might just be linkage? Has anyone encountered this problem before and have some better insight?
My Power Winter Switches are not functioning. I would like to replace them but am not sure how to remove them from my console. Can someone tell me how?
Front tires try to kick into 4wd and chatter and won't go im
try to jump start
Have replaced tires and shocks and had my local service guy check ball joints etc, but he says all is good. I know something is wrong, I have had car from new. Any ideas would really help.
Thanks, Mark
Just need to know which solenoid is which, how to tell because there exactly the same .. 2002 isuzu trooper 3.5L 2wd
Would you know where one is? One where I won't get ripped off cuz I'm a girl!!
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