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Just want to know what ekg is on 2001 isuzu trooper
My 2001 Isuzu Trooper was parked for nearly a year inside my garage. I put a new battery in it and it started just fine. Let in run a while and drove it around the block a few times. The next day as I’m driving down the road I suddenly lose power, I tried getting back up to speed and the rpm would just sky rocket. I came to a stop sign and from there I could not shift into 2nd gear and rpm was still going high at about 4,000 rpm. The problem is now consistent. Is my transmission bad? Why did it run fine the first day and shift properly but not the second day?
need to know amps and relays diods and fuse specks so i know what was stollen from my fuse box under the hood. i dont have heated seats or fig lights . specifically od relays and diods
my relays were taken out of the underhood fuse box and i need help
Am thinking of purchasing a 2001 Trooper. Is a RJQ engine a 3.2 liter V-6? And does RMQ-trans mean it has 4L3 0 E? if the trans does not engage is that usually an electronic controlled problem or is the problem with the transmission normally? it makes no sound of engaging at all. Since the 4L30E is an old GM product (I think) and the fluid level and color is good - could the filler plug have been left open and therefore not have pressure to operate? What should I be looking for and about what will it take and cost to make functional? Will this vehicle tow a 1983 - 25' Wlderness camp trailer? respectfully, Chad
I bought a used 2001 isuzu trooper but have difficulties moving up and down the front seats armrests. There is nothing wrong with them, it is just that I don't know how to operate them and there is no button to push or lash to pull, etc.
I can start it and it will move but not drive. before not driving i was having problems with it stalling.
Tod shows auto inthdiddle on th bottom flashing check
When I turn my head lights on and press on the brake pedal the passenger side brake light does not illuminate but when I let off the brake pedal it comes back on. And if I have my headlights off and press the brake pedal the brake light on the passenger side works. The only time I have an issue with brake light on the passenger side is when I have my headlights on. I have tried checking fuses and realized and brake light switch none seem to have any issues. Also the harness and wires around it for the brake light look perfectly fine. Was told by previous owner at one time they had an issue with the driver side brake light but they weren't sure on how the issue got fixed they took it to the dealer and had it fixed. I rather not pay an arm and a leg or my first born child to have this issue fixed. Open to all suggestions and will try all even if they are silly. I may be a girl but this girl likes work with her hands and do it herself. Thanks in advance.
I was told by an unauthorized mechanic that my automatic 2001 Isuzu Trooper needed a complete transmission overhaul. How much will the diagnosis be? Or is he wrong and its something else? What will it cost me to fix the problem? Is a detailed list for parts and labor available? Then I can show him if he's right.

Thank you,
Becca G.
today I did the same thing put it in park/neutral still want I jumped it I started but it took several time
My son moved to Colorado last fall and bought a Trooper 1. He recently had transmission problems. He needed a complete rebuld. The transmission had been repaired or replaced before we bought the car. He has driven mainly in 4 wheel high since the fall. He lives in the mountains and has had a lot of snow. Unsure if he knows how to use the 4 wheel vs. 2 wheel. Or even how to change from one to the other. Can anyone give me a basic tutorial on the 4 wheel drive so I can guide my son?
if its not the fuses where is the blower located? is this something that one could do by themselves or does it require a professinal. when i turn on the heat, i hear a faint click and nothing happens on none of the settings
My 2001 Trooper used oil and a lot of it when driven mostly in town, now doing more highway driving it seems to not use any at all. I check the oil every time I get gas and since the move and the history of using so much oil I check it at least once a week no matter what and it doesn't use it now.
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