2000 Isuzu Trooper Questions

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The mirror housing has been manually pushed back over the ratchet and it now slips back over the "knobs".
What kind of tramission fluid go in a 2000 isuzu trooper
The car is a 2000 yr isuzu 4x4 trooper. The car was running fine before it got overhauled by a local mechanic and now it wont start. The mechanic said he pieced it all back together with no problems but it wont run. He said that it's like there is something wrong with the fuel supplied to the engine. Please help us what should we do?
is there a fuse for key fob?Should I seek lock smith
Wheels rebalanced 5 times, changed rims, and wheel alignment is fine
I have cleaned the throttle body. i heard that it might be the idle air control valve but i can not find it or can not get to it any suggestions
starts when it wants. everything works no clicking just dead. replaced battery it tested bad. when it does start rolls kinda slow. used to werl over real fast.
black smoke
I would like to know what are the fluid holders, and has any 1 had to change all of their fuses on this type of vehicle?
already replaced ignition misfire module,plugs i don't know what else to try, the mechanic shop already charged me 500 dollars and still NO answers, they said it was ignition module, replaced it,still doing the same
I was told the timing chain broke it is a 4 wheel drive. And someone told me it had 3 chains for timing. When i call for the parts im told its 1 big timing belt and there is only 1. I need to know if this is true or not. Thank you.
We replaced the seal and a few minutes into our test drive it was leaking again so bad that we got stuck on the side of the road. The old seal had a small hole in it. Could this be a pressure or over heating problem on the transmission?
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