1999 Isuzu Trooper Questions

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battery checks out fine but acts like it is not getting charged. I can hook charger up and with in a second its starts.
I ran out of gas and now my 1999 isuzu won't start ? What do I check first
I m having a hard time starting my trooper after running out of gas I bought a new battery too
planing to replace my 1999 trooper 3.5 engine for a izusu rodeo 1999 3.2 engine my question,it will fit the 3.2 engine in my trooper?
99 isuzu trooper car starts right away but start to drive it the idol goes crazy up n down n after 5 minutes it goes completely off there's power windows work radio work n everything even if I turn the key to off n start it right back n put it to drive again it does the same thing idol goes crazy alot more n then it shuts off ..please help .mi have taken to mechanic shops n electrical shops they just don't know about isuzu troopers please doesn't mark no codes it's so clean n nothing comes on of a check ingine. Light...
The other day my wife told me that my trooper was overheating on the way home. When I check the radiator it was empty, but the over flow was full. My first thought was that the thermostat had gone bad. So I changed the thermostat. Not something that is easy because it is located under the manifold. After a few days, I got the new thermostat in and filled the radiator back up. When I started the car with the radiator cap off and the trooper headed up, coolant started gushing out of the top of the radiator. I would say I put the thermostat in backwards but I took a picture of the thermostat when I before I removed it so that I could make sure it was in correctly. I can still drive the trooper I just need to add coolant (water)every day and it has not over hear on me and I drive it 70 miles to work every day.
wear do i locate the ground earth strap
it started to overheat I have oil and fan is working has antifreeze don't know what's going on it got so hot started leaking some rust color liquid from engine area what could be the problem
Iam in Australia and own tech 2 in auto business and want to reprogram Isuzu
I need a piece of the linkage. It's a plastic arm about 2-2 1/2" long with clips on both ends. Since parts are no longer in production anyone know where I can get a used one? Where do other Isuzu owners get their parts?
where can i get the software update and a reprogrammer for my trooper. think i'm getting false codes, i hear that this is a problem
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