1995 Isuzu Trooper Questions

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4 wheel drive will not engage but light on dash shows it is. I cannot find a blown fuse anywhere. I get a grinding in the front end when trying to engage in neutral.

I have the same problem as rickbe32884, please help! My 1995 Isuzu Trooper, Automatic Transmission, 4x4 will not shit unless you shift it manually!!

Best way to find out why not cooling,there was no noise from the pump prior also cause a inch and half crack in plastic top of radiator can this be repaired or will I have to replace it
My 95 isuzu trooper starts fine but after driving for a little while bogs down and the rpms fluctuate and sometimes it stalls. When it does it takes a little work to get it to start again and when i do it doesn't happen again for a while
Starter and flex plate replaced helped but did not fix starting problem. Intermittent: sometimes starts perfectly. Runs fine. So I don't think has to do with worn teeth or transmission. Sounds terrible when it happens but then starts after a couple more seconds. Help!
My power windows and cruise control went out at the same time.
Checked all fuses. OK. Any suggestions?
check transmission light comes on when driving in the drive mode but not when you start in low gear and move through the gears to shift it
The speedometer ,voltage meter ,temperature, meter,gas meter stop working
Two weeks ago gas pedal was so hard tompush. When pushed it would go for 5miles per hour to 30. After just a bit it would be fine. Last Friday almost killed because the car did the same thing at an intersection. Had to put on emergency brake. Tried all gears. Just sat and revved like mad. Smoke etc. Next morning fine then the no pressure with the pedal later that day.
After driving for a while, my check engine light comes on, but I've narrowed it down to it only comes on when I'm pushing on the accelerator. As soon as i put it in neutral, or even leave it in gear, and take my foot off the gas pedal, the light will turn off after a few seconds. But as soon as i give the truck some gas, the check engine light comes back on.
I've heard that it could be my fuel pump, but does anybody have any guesses?
In the morning or whenever the Trooper's been parked for awhile, the brake light comes on and stays for about 10 miles then goes off.
While driving the light comes on but turns off when I come to a stop.
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