1991 Isuzu Trooper Questions

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Head Light assembly needs to be replaced but as I understand it I must remove the front grill first but don't know how.
crossed starter term., used starter fluid, changed neg. batt. cable, confirmed pos. has good connection. rebuilt starter, bought new battery, checked all fuses. what do I set my meter to for checking relays? can sensors or modules be the problem and which ones? got no accessories, lights, bells...nothing happens except a steam rolling growl and a few out-bursts of bad language.
need to be replaced?
master cylinder reservoir goes dry. no sign of leakage around pedals or underneath on ground.
the trooper won't fire just put on new timing chain and have to get the order rt on the cap.
Why does my 1991 Isuzu trooper start then die? Once i get it warmed up, it does not stall, but runs rough. No check engine light is on.And I have pulled no codes, changed the spark plugs ,and checked the distributor cap. Any other ideas?
how to remove oil pan 2.8 l engine
every time you start the trooper it idles really high all the time at 25000 rpms
I have been fighting a leaky engine oil cooler on my 91' trooper. The weak point is at the aluminum nut between the hoses and the hard lines.I would like to find a replacement but it seems they are unavailable. There are many after market oil coolers out there but there seems to be no way to adapt them to the hoses that are threaded into the block.
Does anyone know of a way to do this? Is there a drect replacement out there for this part?
what do i need to do to bleed the clutch and brakes on a 1991 isuzu trooper 2
Over the past couple months my Trooper has been behaving very fickle. The engine will stall and not restart when i come to a light or stop sign. I have had a full tuneup as well as trany flush and have moniterd the oil and fluid levels religiously. The irony is that if i let the vehicle sit for a while it may start as usual and drive normally for a short time. Any suggestions as to how to fix this issue?
will a 1992 tranny fit in a 1991
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