2001 Isuzu Rodeo Sport Questions

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I replaced my battery but did not know to attach negative first. sparks, then no sound. the head- lights stay on until battery disconnected. what did I ruin?
I have a blown head gasket and I'm trying to use Bar's Leaks Head SEAL Blown Head Gasket Repair to fix it
I am hoping to find info on adding an " exterior mount fuel pump. The new after market pumps are not strong enough and I do not have wherewithal to do a " shop repair job. Anyone know of any pump that will " draw and support this system. All help is greatly appreciated, thank you and god bless, from Aaron. :)
It has almost 200,000 miles, good battery alternator and was running fine. Stopped for short time then almost started then nothing.turns over, but no start. No fuel at line / filter opened and cranked it but no gas moving. Not sure pump? Ecm, throttle body, all fuses are gold and not sure where pump is, might try after market exterior pump. Can't afford shop time, any help please, serious need thanks
Push brake radio lights & speedometer lights flsh
Midas quoted me $1200 to replace shocks last year and now you are telling me I can get them for less than $500. HOW?
just replaced head gasket now cant get right timing set
and not only that the radiator fan always working constantly
had a bad button on the driverside so i took it apart and switched the buttons around so the bad one would control the back window instead put it back together hooked it back up and now none of the power windows will work i checked the fuse it was fine so then i reset the computer still nothing any help please im stumped
When I put gas in, it is leaking out from under the suv. Has anybody else had this problem.
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