2004 Isuzu Rodeo Questions

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The window wont stay open that is above the back door, it almost seems like the compression is low., because the window comes down slow
I just got my car back where they replaced the Fuel Pump, Fuel filter and fuel regulator. As soon as I got it home, check engine light came on with the code P1311 and P1312. Should I be concern? Im assuming it is related to what was just completed as the check engine light was not on before. Tried to reach the original mechanic about it but I have not received a response for 2 days.
have a water pump from a 2002 trooper will it work on my 2004 rodeo
I have the Izuzu rodeo Denver 2007 model and have a problem with the key fob. Sets alarm off and wont drive unless the fob battery is changed daily and lights in fob work. Can you help, I'm using spare key at the moment but am worried that the fob will go the same way.
Light stays on breaks work fine
starter will only work when the underhood relay is removed and hot wired.
My house burned down and the car key was in the house. I need a away to crank my car and drive it. Even if that means changing the ignition out
Computer code from O'Reileys and AutoZone both read p1239.
The car had been starting slow (4-5 seconds of cranking) for a week or so. This continued until it stalled one day while driving and would not start again. The air filter was recently cleaned.
I took my car to the shop, I was told that my computer needs reprogram by the dealership
It's been setting a long time ! It starts right up but then the reduced power light and check engine light comes on and it doesn't have any power ! Will some one please tell me what to check or replace?
Its a second genaration 3.5 and the check engine light and reduced power light is coming on it runs but no power ! Can some one tell me what to check or replace ?
You can take off drive about 10-20 feet and it turns off and dies was driving fine started about 4-5 says who si metimes it will drive fine
i am having eratic issues every time i drive. loss of power, eratic upshifting, dumping way too much fuel, backfiring, to rear breaks randomly engaging while driving and almost locking. If i clear the check engine light codes, it drives fine for anywhere from10-20 miles, then any of the previous happen again. Codes such as multiple misfires to bank2 fuel rich to abs .. they are never the same.. leads me to think the ecm is base cause.. sending improper signals for these to happen.. getting 126miles a TANK, but the random rear brake lock out of the blue to loss of power as if bogged down, to eratic upshifts are all seperate issues.. it has an electronic throttle body control unit which sticks at times but now i am wondering if the ecm is the cause...
i have an 04.. can you tell me if any other year ecm or perhaps an 04 honda passport ecm would be compatible and/or in fact possible cause?
I am a mechanic by trade, never seen anything quite like these.. snapon codereader explains each thing individually, but nothing tells me other than my gut that its all related to ecm and/or wiring harness..
any thoughts at all are needed asap
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