2003 Isuzu Rodeo Questions

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All other lights work properly. I've taken apart entire dashboard checked all wires & connections & there is no visable wire damage. Changed out every 10/15/20A fuses with new ones. Also changed out both bulbs for brake/tail light & checked those connections too & the fuse for it still blows when turned on.
The main computer ECM went out on my 2003 Isuzu Rodeo. I found a compatible one on ebay but it needs to be reprogrammed. My mechanic can't do it, I can't find a dealership of any kind who can do it (I live in Dallas), and specialty foreign car shops can't do it. I'm out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
Its burning a lot of oils, smokes comes out from the motor when I step on accelerator smoke comes out from the side of the motor, just change the valve gasket and new spark plugs, made it wrost.
Where is the "oil pipe" on a 3.2L V6 ?? Found a sketchy diagram listed it as part#4 in / around oil pump / oil pickup tube..Yet a can't find the "oil pipe" for sale..and most other diagrams omitted the "Oil pipe"Does a 2003 Rodeo LS 3.2L V6 have a "Oil pipe",if so how would one go about replacing it..paying $1500 to a shop is out of the question,engine has 123,000 miles on it..
My ECM is bad causing all kinds of issues. I found a used compatible one, but now my motor won't turn over at all. Does it have to do with the chip in my key and reprogramming the ECM or what?
I will then turn the engine off and wait 10 mins when I turn the car back on the AC works again for about 15 mins then blows warm air.
It will not stay running
What else can cause poor gas mileage OTHER than; low tire pressure, old fuel filter, old spark plugs, dirty air filter or and bad driving habits? All these things checkout but my truck still only getting about 16 miles a gallon.
Wanna add a 24oz. Lucas oil transmission additive to my tranny. The fluid level is good where its at. Do I need to drain some to make room for the bottle. Directions say "add to existing fluid". Worried about overfilling.
My 2003 Isuzu v6 Rodeo engine locked up. I found a 2000 model and I was told I would have to use the Original intake and throttle body. Is this true?
replaced fuse then runs momentarily and blows fuse again
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