2000 Isuzu Rodeo Questions

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I've replaced the water pump, coolant resvoir, radiator cap, radiator and thermostat plus used the Blue Devil pour n go and it still runs hot
Now, I tried cranking and it won't stay on. I have to hit the gas a little bit to keep it on. I made sure my cams were in the right place when I put the belt. Crankshaft also. I'm really frustrated and I really don't wanna remove all stuff I already put back. Lol!!!! No leaks, only a ticking noise every maybe 5-8 seconds. Thanks in advance.
Engine turns off when I slow down or steering becomes strong when I slow down. If not allowed to steam for about ten minutes in the morning, it won't accelerate well, and will consume more fuel for the rest of the day.
I don't hear anything. It doesn't even sound like its going into gear. The shift goes freely. After I changed my oil and battery today, it started this
My isuzu rodeo 00 LS 3.2 stop when was running. I check the fuse and found the ECM fuse 30 am was burn. I put a new and when I try turn on the fuse spark and burn
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
I m driving all of sudden it's like I loosing power as
If I was missing on 2 -3 cylinders.
Lacking power when give gas
how do i get abs light off and what do i replace next
has poblem in drive positon but when shift into second gear itdrive.
Feels like my clutch is slipping won't pull itself up a hill hydraulic clutch standard
it occured after timing belt was replaced
but no directions on how to wire it can you help me
If nothing wrong with belt an tensioners are good can timing just be reset or what caused it to jump in first place put the stretch in the belt so will happen again? Timing light or computer controlled timing
i dont have photo with me model 2000 isuzu
car overheating and loosing coolant, bought a water pump to replace but don't see one on the front of the engine. Is it driven by the timing belt under the front engine cover, v-6 eng
The light on dash flickered. Now my windows don't work, wipers don't work and is now stuck in 4wd. The 4wd indicator is not on but is in 4wd, any clue as to what is wrong?
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