1998 Isuzu Rodeo Questions

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Hi everyone,

While I was away at college this spring my dad decided he would be a nice guy and have my brakes done by a local mechanic. Since this happened, the ABS light has came on and when I confronted the mechanic he said it wasn't his fault. I have a 1998 Isuzu rodeo V6 4wd and its my baby.

I have ran the codes since I have been home and it's not as simple as I'd hope. The codes that are showing are
53- rear open/shorted sensor
63- rear missing sensor signal or rear sensor signal dropout
52- FR open/shorted sensor
14- Ram read/write error or ROM checksum error or ALU function error or Inoperative isolation item or loop time overrun
62- FR missing sensor or FR sensor Signal dropout
63- repeated
62- repeated
51- FL open/shorted sensor
61- FL missing sensor signal or FL sensor signal dropout
15- low or high ignition voltage
61- repeat

I have skewered the internet trying to find any help possible, and hope someone can help me with this problem.
Problem occurs every time I drive it . I have a new battery
Rodeo never over heated water never leak but had to keep putting water in it now I need a new timeing belt and eater pump could engine be bad
98 rodeo from Washington Maryland, I'm looking to buy another car. There were no leaks or clicking noises from the engine please respond quickly I'm needing a new car ASAP
How to add transmission fluid
A pudder of antifreeze is found under the front of the truck See antifreeze leaking from the bottom back of the engine where it connects to the transmission
I replaced the original switch with a universal switch. I now need to know where the ignition2 and battery2 wires connect to. Windows and other accessories are mot working
All fuses good.
We connected a new fuel pump and the wiring instruction doesn't match. 3 of the 4 match when connection fuel is flashing and the tank shows empty
After starting the car, I put the brake on and try to put the car into drive, but the shifter is stuck in park. It happens Everytime the car is used. Sometimes it gets unstuck when shaking the shifter around .
The fuel light is always on and the gauge is at empty. When the tank is full, the light turns off and the gauge goes up a little. After driving for a little while it goes back to empty and light flashes.
All the other dash light are fine except the one behind the temp control panel.
At 35 MPH kept accelerated, after I parked and about 20 minutes later I started the car and RPM came back normal.
change both sides but right lock up.
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